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America's #1
Portable Swimming Pool Manufacturer For
Large 1-6 Lane Swim Club Or Event Pools

About US

Our pools are portable or permanent, it's your choice. In other words they can be set up as a temporary 1-2 year solution and easily taken down, relocated and/or resold.  Or they can be easily set up permanently for 20+ years. Either way each pool saves our clients up to 80% of the cost of an in-ground pool.

When it comes to the number of lanes (1 to 6) and/or the length you prefer, size doesn't matter.  In fact the only restriction you will face when purchasing a pool from MEGA-InstaPool is when we can deliver it.  Our production lead time varies throughout the year from 1-4 months depending on when you order.  


Our pools come complete with all of the necessary code approved pump, filter + heaters needed for proper circulation with safe entry + exit solutions.  Onsite assembly supervision is available but not necessary.  Technically all you need to assemble our pools are temporary manpower, a screw driver, Teflon plumbing tape + a water source. And we always make available a qualified assembly supervisor 24/7 for phone, Facetime, email or text contact.  FYI - The average time to complete assembly of a running pool is 7-10 days not including any add-ons like decking, starting blocks etc.

About Us

Pools We Offer

Since 2008 we've been the #1 manufacturer of 100% American made affordable portable mega-sized swimming pool solutions nationwide.  And as the manufacturer there are very few restrictions on your chosen pool's indoor or outdoor application. This includes your desired size as long as it doesn't defy physics. 

BoLebastchi Triterium Pool - 8_26_21.jpeg
Photo - MEGA-InstaPool Indoor Event.jpg
Swimming Pool Constrcution

Swim Club Pools

Swim Clubs have become our #1 category.  Since COVID we've become America's "Go To" swimming solution saving clubs up to 80% of the cost of an in-ground pool, and this includes a purchase to completion time in as little as 60 days, based on time of year you choose to purchase.

VIP Event Pools

Our pools offer ideal temporary VIP Entertainment solutions for any indoor or outdoor Music Festival, Stadium or Corporate Branding Event. We've provided swimming solutions for them all.

Trade Show Pools
And Water Tanks

Our large swimming pools or water holding tanks offer Instant and inexpensive temporary solutions
For TV/Movie Production, indoor
or outdoor Trade Shows Or Water
Testing Projects. In fact we're an approved manufacturer for the
US Military.

Project Portfolio

Welcome To All ASCA Members

We would like to introduce our new exclusive alliance with the American Swimming Coaches Association.  We look forward to offering each ASCA Member an inexpensive alternative swimming solution to consider which includes a significant exclusive discount, protected territory + multiple financing alternatives. We're proud to support this outstanding organization's Members.

MEGA-InstaPool Photo - Stooke Pool Killer Side view - 1_10_22.jpeg
BoLebastchi Triterium Pool - 8_26_21.jpeg

The Triterium Project

This 5 lane 25 meter pool is part of a new triathlon experience located in the Palm Springs, CA area.  The pool provides the perfect swimming venue, to support the bike and running track.

Total Swimming's
Swim Club Project

This swim club chose to place a raised deck around their 25 meter pool so it appears to be in-ground.  They chose only 4 lanes but wanted them to be a full 8' wide.

Photo - Swim Club '17.jpg

More Pool Projects

Insomniac Photo #3 - 8_5_19.jpg

             Insomniac Music Festival

Insomniac puts on some of the largest music festivals in the US.  They reached out to us to create a safe VIP experience for their August '21 LA festival.  They liked what we did so much they've approved us as a preferred vendor for all of their future festivals.

Photo - MEGA-InstaPool Photo - Vegas - 10_19_17.jpg

    D Hotel's Downtown Vegas  Experience

The D Hotel needed a 120' X 27' pool for their annual downtown summer experience where they were going to have weekly music concerts with various artists throughout the summer.  Because this event was planned for 3 consecutive years, they needed a portable pool in order to be able to assemble/disassemble multiple times.

Photo - Mega-InstaPool Indoor Lap Pool For Website.jpg

       Swim Club Pool COVID Shutdown 

 In March 2020 a swim club's only pool shut down due to COVID leaving no place to train. Less than 60 days later MEGA-InstaPool delivered a 4-lane 25 meter pool that the swim club put up in a rented building.  Problem solved!  Plus the building rent was less than they were paying for limited swim time. Now they can swim anytime they choose. This also allowed the swim club the opportunity to generate new revenue sub-renting their pool throughout the year. 

MEGA-InstaPool Photo - Stooke Pool Killer Side view - 1_10_22.jpeg

           Southern Illinois Swim Club

The Seahawks Swim Club requested a 50m pool in Southern Illinois.  Their director ordered their pool in April 2020.  We had them able to swim by July 4th weekend. They are one of our few Flagship Swim Clubs, which includes receiving many beneficial swim club perks. These include an additional revenue stream, promotional support and Swim Club recognition.

MEGA-InstaPool Wakeboard Demo Complete View - 7_11_17.jpg

Request A Quote From VP Of Sales Hank Jr.

MEGA-InstaPool's Vice President of Sales Hank Gillebaard Jr. is available 24/7 for a brief preliminary discussion about your project.  Once he knows what your project needs he will use his 30+ years of experience to provide the most effective and least expensive no-obligation price quote.  This quote will include the earliest delivery date possible to ensure your swim season or event is successful. 

Personal Cell: (949) 322-9667

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

Request A Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any negative issue with flip turns with MEGA-InstaPool's flexible walls?

N0 absolutely not!  In fact our walls are easier on the feet, dissipate swim splash and neither help nor hinder swim times.

When is your production lead time the longest?

Our production lead time varies from 1-4 months.  FYI - We have made, delivered and the pool assembled w/ water in as little as 45 days. The bottom line is as the manufacturer and being in the US, we can deliver pool projects as quickly as needed, as we've proven for the TV/Movie production industry for reshooting water scenes.

How often can you set up + take down your pools?

As often as your pool use needs.  It's unlimited as long as you follow our guidelines to protect your pool.  

How long has Mega-InstaPool been around?

Our production facility has been around since 2003.  We were originally focused on retail sales of backyard lap pools.  We now have 4 different product lines with MEGA-InstaPool being one of them.

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